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A custom-built brokerage service product offering the Client individual opportunities to manage his wealth.
RESMI F&I HOUSE strives to be a leading trusted advisor and financial consultant in a wide range of issues related to the management of its clients’ portfolios. We endeavour to deliver the best recommendations based on thorough study of the market and to provide efficient solutions for the most complicated questions of our clients in order to facilitate their effective growth. 


RESMI SPECIAL ONE means individual investment management and financial planning service offered to private investors with the assets of KZT 30,000,000 or more who prefer active position in management of their wealth. It is the first brokerage service product on the market of Kazakhstan including elements based on the Wealth Management principles: preparation of investment strategy, delivery of recommendations with the best risk/return/liquidity tradeoff and regular monitoring and analysis of the client's portfolio. Focusing on long-term mutually beneficial partnership, RESMI Special One allows the client to cooperate with the broker as a single team and share all risks, since, unlike traditional brokerage service products, a broker's fee for RESMI Special One will depend on the client's minimum income earned during the period. Therefore, RESMI Special One is the first program on the market which implies a broker's direct interest in maximizing the client’s income at the comfortable customer service level and subject to active joint participation in the investment process.

RESMI SPECIAL ONE is a custom-built brokerage service offering the following opportunities for the Client: 
— discounted special tariffs 
— individual investment strategies 
— full process support 
— additional services — efficient consulting services

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